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Rob Friedman is a muralist-styled stained glass artist with over 40 years experience who has recently added a blown glass dimension to his work. Intrigued by light play and utilization of fine lead lines, he works to achieve a depth of detail that is almost 3-D. Having apprenticed in Berlin under Chilean muralist Victor Tapia, his transition from outline to lead line was a natural progression. Friedman’s 43 sq. ft. “Peretz Windows” in Vancouver boasts the only Secular Humanist Yiddish stained glass in existence. He has worked on major installations such as the Lutz Hoffschild installation in the Scotia Centre in Edmonton, AB, the largest stained glass in western Canada; as well as the restoration of the Holy Rosary Cathedral; and the restoration and new installation for the Three Apostles stained glass in St. Andrew’s Wesley Church in Vancouver, BC. With his recent addition of glass blowing, Friedman is melding the two glass forms by tailoring hot glass into flat glass to gain a sculptural bent.

Rob also has a book published that showcases his work: The Interplay of Light